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GameLodges.com logo banner 14 Day Discover Mozambique - To and From Johannesburg - [NAJMJ]

14 Day Discover Mozambique - To and From Johannesburg - [NAJMJ]

Accommodated Trips

  • Johannesburg
  • -
  • Swaziland
  • -
  • Hlane Royal National Park
  • -
  • Mozambique
  • -
  • Praia do Tofo
  • -
  • Vilanculos (or Vilankulo)
  • -
  • Bazaruto Archipelago
  • -
  • Inhambane
  • -
  • Maputo
  • -
  • South Africa
  • -
  • Kruger National Park
  • -
  • Moholoholo
  • -
  • Johannesburg
Rhino in Kruger National Park

Diving with Whale Sharks in Mozambique


Panorama Route

Bazaruto Island


Day 1 South Africa - Swaziland - Hlane Royal National Park
Leaving Johannesburg early, we travel through the Mpumalanga province to Swaziland. After crossing the border we enter Hlane Royal NP, a huge nature reserve, home to lion, elephant and white rhino.
Optional Activities: Guided game walk, mountain biking, game drive.
Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Hlane NP: www.biggameparks.org/3parks_hlane.html
Facilities: En-suite per room, hot showers, water not drinkable, bar, shop
Route: Johannesburg to Hlane NP ±510 km
Travel time: ±9-10 hrs and a border crossing

Border posts:
South Africa: Mananga, Tel: +27 (0) 13 793 7075, Open: 07h00-18h00
Swaziland: Tel: +268 323 2137, Open: 07h00-18h00

Day 2 Hlane Royal National Park
At over 30000 hectares Hlane is Swaziland’s largest protected area. Originally the private hunting area of the Swazi Royal family the area is now held in a trust and managed by Big Game Parks. As the lions are housed in a fenced enclosure it is possible to hike inside the park.
Optional Activities: Guided game walk, mountain biking, game drive
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Hlane NP: www.biggameparks.org/3parks_hlane.html
Facilities: En-suite per room, hot showers, water not drinkable, bar
Included highlights: Traditional dancing after dinner

Day 3 Mozambique – Praia do Tofo
We cross into Mozambique. Travelling north you can’t help but be captivated by the beautiful coastal scenery before arriving in Praia do Tofo and our accommodation for the next two nights. Whether you just want to relax on the white sandy beaches or take on some of Africa’s most amazing diving and snorkeling spots, there’s plenty on offer in Tofo.
Optional Activities: Snorkelling, Scuba Diving and Surfing.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Bamboozi Beach Lodge: www.bamboozibeachlodge.com
Facilities: Shared ablutions, hot showers, bar, internet, swimming pool
Route: Hlane NP to Praia Do Tofo ±785 km
Travel time: ±10-11 hrs and a border crossing (long day)

Border posts:
Swaziland: Lomahasha, Tel: +268 323 6026, Open: 07h00-20h00,
Mozambique: Namaacha, Tel: not available, Open: 07h00-20h00

Day 4 Praia do Tofo
In season Tofo is one of the world’s best sites for the viewing of the world’s largest fish, the Whale Shark. This entire day is free so that you can go snorkelling, scuba diving or just relax on the beautiful white sandy beach. 
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Bamboozi Beach Lodge www.bamboozibeachlodge.com
Facilities: Shared ablutions, hot showers, bar, internet, swimming pool

Day 5 Vilanculos
The Bazaruto Archipelago is Mozambique’s premier destination and it’s not hard to understand why. A protected area, the sea-life here is spectacular and snorkelling at one of the reefs is one of the best ways to enjoy it. On the way to Vilanculos we will be stopping at a local craft market for a little souvenir shopping.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Smugglers www.smugglers.co.za
Facilities: Hot showers, shared ablutions, bar, laundry, swimming pool, shop
Route: Praia Do Tofo to Vilanculos ±300 km
Travel time: ±7 hrs

Day 6 Bazaruto Archipelago National Park Excursion
The Bazaruto excursion is taken on the traditional sailing vessel of the African East Coast, the Dhow. We sail out to the islands and have the opportunity to snorkel, swim and relax over these 2 days. The Bazaruto is one of Southern Africa’s largest marine parks.
Please note: If you have not purchased the Activity Package you will stay at the accommodation in Vilanculos for the following 2 days.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per permanent room: Villas do Índico: http://villasdoindico.com
Facilities: En-suite Room, hot showers, bar, laundry, drinkable water, internet, swimming pool
Activity package (Day6-7): Bazaruto accommodated excursion

Day 7 Bazaruto Archipelago National Park Excursion
The second day of this oceanic excursion is again spent exploring the crystal clear waters of the Indian ocean and the abundant sealife it supports
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Smugglers: www.smugglers.co.za
Facilities: Hot showers, shared ablutions, bar, laundry, swimming pool, shop

Day 8/9 Inhambane
Today we travel through coconut plantations to the old Portuguese settlement of Inhambane. This coastal region is very relaxing and boasts incredible beaches. There are many optional activities available here from fishing to horse riding.
Optional Activities: Scuba Diving, Quad Biking, Snorkelling
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Palm Grove Lodge: www.palmgrovelodge.co.za
Facilities: En-suite per room, hot showers, bar
Route: Vilanculos to Inhambane ±285 km
Travel time: ±6 hrs

Day 10 Maputo area
Today we return south towards the direction of Mozambique’s capital, Maputo. Mozambique gained full independence from the Portuguese in 1975, but only gained political stability in more recent times and is undergoing a major upgrade as the country’s economy grows.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Casa Lisa: http://casalisa.co.za
Facilities: En-suite room, hot showers, restaurant, bar, swimming pool
Route: Inhambane to Maputo ±570 km
Travel time: ±7-8 hrs

Day 11/12 South Africa – Kruger National Park
Today we drive through Maputo’s capital and return to South Africa to the world famous Kruger National Park, where we hope to spot Africa’s Big 5. The Kruger Park is the most famous nature conservation area in the world. Informative dawn game walks and night drives (accompanied by a ranger) are offered as an optional extra.
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch (Day 11 only), Dinner
Accommodation: Two per permanent tent: Nkambeni Reserve: www.nkambeni.co.za
Facilities: En-suite, bar, swimming pool, hot showers, drinkable water, internet, shop
Route: Maputo to Kruger NP ±240 km
Travel time: ± 2-3 hrs
Included highlight: Full day game drive in our Nomad truck

Border posts:
Mozambique: Lebombo: Tel: +27 13 793 7201, Open 24 hrs
South Africa: Komati Poort: Tel: +27 13 793 7201, Open 24 hrs

Day 13 Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre
Today we visit the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where animals are being re-habilitated before being released back in to the wild. In the evening we enjoy a traditional song and dance evening along with a typical South African meal.
Meals: Breakfast, Dinner
Accommodation: Two per room: Timbavati Safari Lodge www.timbavatisafarilodge.com
Facilities: En-suite room, hot showers, bar, laundry, internet, swimming pool, shop
Route: Kruger NP to Timbavati Area ±195 km
Travel time: ±2-3 hrs
Activity package: Moholoholo Animal Rehabilitation visit,
Included highlight: Evening song and dance with traditional South African cuisine

Day 14 Panorama Route - Johannesburg
Travelling along the Panorama Route we stop at Blyde River Canyon and Bourkes Luck Potholes. The tour ends on arrival in Johannesburg. Johannesburg has many excellent restaurants and the group often spends this evening together.
Optional Activities: Dinner out
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accommodation: Own arrangements/ post-tour accommodation can be booked through Nomad
Route: Timbavati Area to Johannesburg ±540 km
Travel time: ±9 hrs
Included highlight: Panorama Route: God's Window, Blyde River Canyon, Bourkes Luck Potholes


Inclusions / Exclusions

What’s included
Meals as indicated on the itinerary (unless otherwise specified, all meals are prepared and served at the Nomad truck), accommodation, registered guides and transport. We also include some of the highlights. These highlights are listed below in the day-by-day descriptions as “included highlights”.

What’s excluded
All items of a personal nature, alcohol, snacks, souvenirs, tips and optional activities (see list for an indication of prices).

Activity Package
This is an optional payment that covers what we consider to be ‘essential activities’ on our tours. Ideally we would include all of these, but not everyone can afford this. This payment is 100% transparent and is listed below. The Activity Package can be pre-purchased prior to your arrival or through your guide on day 1 of your tour. This dossier has been written with the inclusion of the Activity Package items.
Bazaruto accommodated excursion: R4050
Moholoholo rehabilitation centre: R200

Extra information

Malaria prophylactics are required.

Please inform us of any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or asthma and any prescription medicine you may be taking. We also need to know about any food allergies or physical disability that you may have.

All clients require adequate Travel Insurance. Medical Insurance is not sufficient. Activity providers can refuse participation of activities, if the correct valid Travel Insurance is not provided. Travel insurance can be purchased via SA Tours and Safaris. Please enquire with our consultants for further information.

Please note that these are your responsibility. Most nationalities require visas for Swaziland, Mozambique and South Africa. These visas should be organized before the tour. See Pre Departure Booklet for more information.

The African sun is very strong. Please use a factor 30 sunscreen and wear a hat. You should drink at least 3 litres of water per day to avoid dehydration. It can also get very cold during winter months on this route. Please see Pre Departure Booklet for detailed information.

Currency and Banking
South African Rand is best on this tour. Please see Pre-Departure Booklet for detailed information on other countries. Travellers Cheques can take a long time to change into cash and often incur unreasonable charges. Credit Cards cannot always be processed – especially in remote areas. Please note that ATM’s are not widely available in Mozambique.

None required by law in South Africa. Please see the Pre Departure Information booklet for detailed information
on vaccinations in Africa.

Onward Travel
This tour can be linked to the Accommodated Okavango
& Chobe Trail and the Accommodated East African Adventure or to the Southern African Explorer beforehand.

Pre and Post Tour Accommodation
If you require accommodation before or after your tour we can arrange this for you. We can also arrange airport transfers – contact your travel agent or Nomad to make these bookings.

Please be sure to arrive 1 day before your tour is due to depart. This will avoid any unforeseen problems.

Please book your flight to depart the day after the tour officially ends. This is to account for any delays that we may experience due to unpredictable road conditions.

*Note: All information is subject to change without prior notice. Travel times and accommodation can change depending on road or weather conditions, etc. These are used as a guideline only. On our longer tours it is possible that your crew, truck and fellow travellers will change due to our unique tour linking system. On this tour, camping and accommodated clients will be travelling together with a maximum number of participants of 18. The group will be separated for the Bazaruto Archipelago Excursion and for this reason, if you have booked a German Translated departure, the translator will accompany the Accommodated clients into the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Did you receive your Pre Departure Information Booklet?
If not please contact us at nomad@nomadtours.co.za and we will e-mail you the document; alternatively visit us at 1st Floor, Leadership House, 40 Shortmarket St, Greenmarket Square, Cape Town to collect one. You can also download from our website at www.nomadtours.co.za. After hours contact number: +27 (0) 82 578 2199.

Southern Africa: In general tipping in restaurants is expected and is around 10% for good service, more if you have received exceptional service, and, feel free not to tip at all if you received poor service. Tipping taxi drivers etc is really at your own discretion and not always expected. If in doubt please ask your guides.

Our guides do work hard but they are also paid at (and often above) industry levels for this work. Our Crew can be tipped if you feel that they have done a good job and/or gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The best way to arrange tips is to elect one person in the group to collect the money. We recommend USD1-2 (or about R10-R20) per day per person, per guide as a fair tip. So if you have 3-crew on a tour, we would recommend that 3 envelopes are used and each crew member’s name written on one. Place what you feel is fair in to each envelope and the elected person can give these to the crew at the end of the tour. If you do not feel that the crew deserve a tip, please, do not tip them. You must remember that tipping is only for exceptional service and is not at all compulsory or expected.

Hlane Royal National Park
Hlane, meaning “wilderness”, was named by King Sobhuza II and is Swaziland’s largest protected area, covering 30 000 hectares of Swazi bushveld. It is a flat lowland area, covered with ancient hardwood trees such as knobthorn, leadwood and tambuti, with some grasslands and shallow pans. Hlane is home to lion, elephant and white rhino, with an abundant and diverse bird life, including the highest density of nesting White-Backed Vultures in Africa.
A network of self-drive game-viewing roads criss-cross the park’s flat terrain, weaving between the 1000 year-old hardwood vegetation and shallow pans. The pans hold water in the dry winter months and attract a variety of wildlife, including huge herds of wildebeest and impala.

Panorama Route
The Panorama route in Mpumalanga follows the edge of Blyde River Canyon, and includes some breathtaking views of the Three Rondavels, Bourke’s Luck Potholes and the Pinnacle. Blyde River Canyon is the third largest canyon in the world, and got its name in 1840 (‘blyde’ meaning ‘joyful’) from the Voortrekkers who passed through on their way to Lorenzo Marques (now Mozambique).
It is one of the most spectacular canyons in Africa and its cliffs rise between 600m-800m from the riverbed. Possibly the best view in the whole of the Blyde River Canyon is of the "Three Rondavels - three huge rock spirals rising out of the far wall of the canyon. Their tops appear to have a hut-like rounded roof. They are named after the Swazi Chief Maripi’s wives - from the lowest to the highest, they are Magabolle, Mogoladikwe and Maserote.
Where the Blyde River and the Treur River meet, water erosion has formed one of the most remarkable geological phenomena in the country, known as ‘Bourke’s Luck Potholes’. Over thousands of years, surreal cylindrical rock sculptures created by whirling water have formed a series of dark pools which contrast artfully with the streaked white and yellow lichen covered rocks. Following the road and the Treur River south, there are further viewpoints; Wonder View, God’s Window and the Pinnacle.